McLaskey Research Group

Gregory C. McLaskey

Assistant Professor
Cornell University
School of Civil and
Environmental Engineering

Earthquake Mechanics and Nondestructive Testing

Our research uses the analysis of waves in order to study material behavior such as earthquakes, faulting, friction, impact, and fracture. In order to make good use of the data, we must have a good understanding of the way waves propagate, the way seismic sources can be represented, the way waves can be measured, and how to manipulate recordings of waves (signals) for enhanced understanding.

I am interested in friction, earthquakes, fracture, and other processes that generate sounds and vibrations in solids. I also specialize in piezoelectric sensors which are used to detect very high frequency but small amplitude vibrations in solid materials such as rock, metals, concrete, and plastic. These vibrations can be used for structural health monitoring or for detecting damage in buildings, bridges, and other civil infrastructure. I also spent three years working at the USGS Earthquake Science Center in Menlo Park, California where I used these types of measurements to better understand the physics and mechanics of earthquake initiation and dynamic rupture.

FS Apparatus by Chun-Yu Ke